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    HELL is in the center of this earth. In the Old Testament days, HELL had TWO COMPARTMENTS — the FIRE side and the Paradise side. ALL spirits went to the center of the earth at death, until Jesus died and rose again.

    When Jesus died on the cross, He descended into the PARASISE SIDE OF HELL where the spirits of the righteous were, and He announced to them that the sin–debt had been paid, that He had conquered death, hell, and the grave:

    “Whom God hath raised up, having loosed the pains of death: because it was not possible that He should be holden of it” (Acts 2:24).

    JESUS was “put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: by which also He went and preached unto the spirits in prison” (I Peter 3:18–19).

    How do I know the prison where Jesus went and preached is in the heart of the earth?

    “....WHEN HE (Jesus) ASCENDED UP ON HIGH, He led captivity captive....”

(That is, the spirits of the saints who had died were in captivity in the Paradise in the center of the earth. Jesus made them His captives and brought them out with Him when He rose from the dead, and took them to the Father's house when He ascended after His resurrection.)

    “(Now that He ASCENDED, what is it but that He also DESCENDED FIRST INTO THE LOWER PARTS OF THE EARTH? He that DESCENDED is the same also that ASCENDED up far above all heavens, that He might fill all things.” (Ephesians 4:8–10).

    OH YES —Jesus did go to the Paradise side of hell when He died on the cross: Psalm 16:10 says, “For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell....” Peter quoted this prophecy on the day of Pentecost. Peter preached the RESURRECTION OF JESUS, and then he referred to David's words in Psalm 16: “For David speaketh concerning Him (Jesus),....THOU WILT NOT LEAVE MY SOUL IN HELL“ (Acts 2:25–27).

    God kept His promise to His Son, Jesus. God raised Him from the dead, and when Jesus came out of the grave, saints came out with Him — and they walked the streets of Jerusalem, appearing to many people, BEFORE THEY WENT ON UP TO THE THIRD HEAVEN (Matthew 27:52–53).

    In the days of Moses, an entire tribe dropped intoHELL, and the account of that event points to the fact that HELL is INDEED in the heart of the earth.

    Korah and his people rebelled against God, and God sent Moses to warn them. When Moses finished his message, “the GROUND CLAVE ASUNDER that was under them: AND THE EARTH OPENED HER MOUTH AND SWALLEOWED THEM UP.... They, and all that appertained to them, WENT DOWN ALIVE INTO THE PIT (HELL), and the EARTH CLOSED UPON THEM:AND THEY PERISHED....” (Numbers 16:31–33).

    NOTE: “The earth opened her mouth....swallowed them up....they went down (THEY WENT DOWN) into the pit....” “THE PIT” in the Bible is definitely HELL!


    When Jesus was here on earth, the Pharisees asked Him to give to them a sign by which they could know that He was the Messiah.

    Jesus replied:

    “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the SIGN OF THE PROPHET JONAS: For as Jonas was THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS in the whale's belly, SO SHALL THE SON OF MAN BE THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH” (Matthew 12:38–40).

    We know that the body of Jesus was placed in Joseph's new tomb near Mount Calvary where Jesus was crucified (Matthew 27:60).

    Just before Jesus died He said to His heavenly Father: “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit” (Luke 23:46)

    The same FORCE (HIS LOVE) that brought Him into the world to die for us, the LOVE that led Him to CALVARY, LED HIM INTO THE PARADISE SIDE OF HELL TO ANNOUNCE TO THE SPIRITS THERE THAT HE WOULD TAKE THEM WITH HIM and deliver them from the heart of the earth.

    Jesus came into the world to take a body like ours, in order “that HE BY THE GRACE OF GOD should TASTE death for every man” (Hebrews 2:9).

    But that is not ALL JESUS DID by means of His death: “....that THROUGH DEATH He might DESTROY him that had the POWER OF DEATH, that is, THE DEVIL; and deliver them who through FEAR OF DEATH were all their lifetime subject to BONDAGE” (Hebrews 2:14–15).


    He spent three days and three nights in the heart of the earth with the saints who were there at that time. When He arose again, early on the morning of the first day of the week, HE BROUGHT THE SPIRITS OF THE SAINTS OUT OF THE HEART OF THE EARTH, and since that time when a believer departs this life, he goes to be with Jesus in Paradise ABOVE!


    In God's Word, we find the tesimony that fell from the PARCHED LIPS of a man burning in HELL! Here it is:

    “There was a CERTAIN rich man....and there was a certain BEGGAR NAMED LAZARUS....”

    The rich man had everything his heart or appetite could desire. The beggar Lazarus had NOTHING. He begged for crumbs that fell from the rich man's table. He was also covered with sores, and the dogs licked his sores.


    What came to pass?

    “....THE BEGGAR DIED....THE RICH MAN ALSO DIED....” (Please note: THE RICH man also DIED.)

    IMMEDIATELY — that is, immediately after death — LAZARUS “was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom” — (Paradise—the place of rest).

    IMMEDIATELY — the rich man also took a journey: “The rich man ALSO DIED....and in HELL HE LIFT UP HIS EYES, BEING IN TORMENT....”

    The rich man was buried by his family and friends. POOR LAZARUS WAS NOT BURIED, insofar as we know. The dogs probably dragged him into the bushes and gnawed his bones.

    ONE THING WE DO KNOW: Lazarus went to Paradise. What happened to his body does not matter.

    SECONDS after he died, the man who had everything he desired in this life did not have one drop of water to cool his parched tongue — AND HE COULD NOT GET ONE DROP OF WATER!

    The rich man was in HELL — but he still had all five senses which he possessed in his life on earth! He cried out to Abraham for MERCY. He knew Lazarus, and asked Abraham to send Lazarus for one drop of WATER to cool his tongue. He said:

    “....for I AM TORMENTED in this FLAME."

    The rich man also had his memory — and IF YOU GO TO HELL, YOU WILL ALSO HAVE YOUR MEMORY. Abraham said to him, “REMEMBER....thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy GOOD THINGS.” And then Abraham reminded the rich man that LAZARUS, in his life on earth, had “evil things.”

    NOTICE CAREFULLY the next statement Abraham made to the rich man:

    “NOW he (Lazarus) IS COMFORTED,
and thou (NOW) ART TORMENTED!!!”

    Do not miss the “NOW”! There was no lapse of time. THEY DIED, they immediately went to REST (in the case of Lazarus) and TORMENT (in the case of the rich man).

    “BESIDE ALL THIS,” Abraham said to the rich man, “Between us and you there is a great gulf FIXED, so that they which would pass from hence to you CANNOT; neither can they pass to us....from thence.”

    WHEN YOU DIE, YOUR ETERNAL DESTINY IS FIXED. There can be no changing that destiny.


    When the rich man discovered there was no hope for him, no water for his parched tongue, no deliverance from his torment, his HIS MIND RETURNED TO HIS HOME HERE ON EARTH. He knew he had FIVE BROTHERS walking in his footsteps, and if they did not change they, too, would spend eternity in HELL.

    “Then he said, I PRAY THEE....SEND HIM TO MY FATHER'S HOUSE: for I HAVE FIVE BROTHERN; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.”

    Do you realize what he actually said? HE SAID, “ I NEVER WANT TO SEE MY FIVE BROTHERS AGAIN!” he did not want them to come to HELL!

The rich man's request was not granted. Abraham told him his five brothers had the Old Testament Scriptures—

    “They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.”

    And the rich man said: “....if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.”

    Then Abraham said to the rich man:“IF THEY HEAR NOT MOSES AND THE PROPHETS (the Old Testament Scriptures), NEITHER WILL THEY BE PERSUADED THOUGH ONE ROSE FROM THE DEAD” (Luke 16:19–31).


If you are not SAVED, you are LOST.

    THEREFORE, there is but ONE STEP BETWEEN YOU AND (HELL) DEATH (I Samuel 20:3).


    I have visited men on their deathbeds. I have listened to them talk in a whisper, from weakness, so frail physically they could not raise a hand. I visited such a man and witnessed to him on his death-bed. Shortly before the demons claimed his spirit and dragged it off to HELL, I was at his bedside. He was so weak he could not even drink water through a drinking straw. His son dampened his lips with a wet napkin. Hours later, as he died, it took four men to hold him on the bed and keep him from literally JUMPING OUT OF BED onto the floor.

He kept SCREAMING—(he was not whispering anymore)—“Pull me up in the bed! PULL ME UP IN THE BED! MY FEET ARE IN THE FIRE!”Until he died he continued begging to be pulled further up in the bed!!!


    If doctors would leave deadening drugs out of dying WICKED MEN, books could be written on the HORRORS OF HELL!

     ATHEISTS cannot explain why a godly person, young or old, leaves this world in peace, not screaming and begging because of fear, but WICKED men die in FEAR, BEGGING, CRYING — and some testify to the presence of demons in spite of all the pain killer they have taken.

    If YOU are one who does not believe in HELL, you WILL believe the SECOND (not minuteTHE SECOND) you die! It won't take but ONE SECOND OF HELL FIRE TO CONVINCE YOU! I beg you—DON'T GO TO HELL WHEN YOU DIE!

There is only One Who can save you from going to hell!
Here is the KEY TO HEAVEN:

    “If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, THOU SHALT BE SAVED. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9–10).

BELIEVE on Jesus NOW. Ask Him to save you NOW—and he will! (Read John 3:16; Acts 16:31; Romans 10:13). Just say, “I do now confess that I am a sinner, and I now receive Jesus as my Savior. I pray, Lord Jesus come into my heart, forgive my sin, and save my soul. THANK YOU, JESUS, FOR SAVING ME. Amen.”

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